Ulrike Koch

Ulrike Koch was born in 1948 in Rellingen in the north of Germany. She spent several years in the US and Switzerland before moving to Hamburg in 1974. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Slavic languages in 1985, she concentrated on her artistic activities and started to learn etching in 1992, first with Christine Scheid and from 1996 onwards with the graphical artist and painter Herbert Markmann. In 2004 she took up lithography in the studio of Gerten Goldbeck. For the past ten years she has been sharing studios with Gabriele Lemburg and Ruth Alice Kosnick. In 2011 she became a member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists (BBK).

Why does a painter...

Why does a painter get interested in printmaking? There are mainly two reasons: to do something which is not possible in painting or to disseminate one’s work more easily. For Ulrike Koch it is to use the experimental possibilities of the technique to preserve the painterly element in the etching. In almost two decades of steady pursuit of this goal a multi-facetted “view of things” has evolved, forceful and passionate in the colouring, yet pleasantly calm and reflecting the atmosphere of the motif.

Individual Exhibitions

2014 "Up, up and away" (Auf und Davon) - exhibition of prints + sculptures at the court of the Land Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel (May - July)
2007 “Views of Europe” – graphical work, Botanical Garden, Geneva (CH)
2005 Exhibition of graphical work at “Café Witthüs”, Hamburg
2004 Exhibition of graphical work at the municipal gallery of Westerland/Sylt upon initiative of the local arts association
2003 “Etchings” at “Galerie Atelier Mensch”, Hamburg
2002 "Shadows and Reflexions“ – graphical work and paintings at “Muasem Hüs”, Morsum on the Island of Sylt
2001 Exhibition of graphical work, Botanical Garden, Geneva (CH)

Artistic Activities

2020 (Oct./Nov.): Joint exhibition with Gerten Goldbeck "Cities in dialogue" - paintings, drawings and fine art prints, town-hall, Hamburg Altona
2019 + 2013: Joint exhibitions with Ruth Alice Kosnick at the Art Circle of the town of Preetz: Paintings, graphical works + sculptures
2019 Completion of a brochure "Around the Elphi" - impressions on paper of the Hamburg Philharmonic Concert Hall
2018 + 2016: Joint exhibitions with Ruth Alice Kosnick at the galleries of Gerd Uhlig, Hamburg; Paintings, graphical works + sculptures
2018 + 2016: Participation in the days of the "Open doors at the Studio" of the Association of professional artists with Gabriele Lemburg, Hamburg-Altona
2018 + 2008: Biennial exhibitions of miniprints, Museum of Tetovo (MK)
2016 + 2009: Title pages + illustrations for simplified readers in Russian: L.N. Tolstoy (Anna Karenina, tredition, Hamburg) + F. Dostoevsky (The Gambler, Easy Readers, Copenhague, DK)
2010 Illustrations to poems by Desanka Maksimović: Ich bitte um Gnade (I ask for Mercy), edited and translated by Olga Ellermeyer-Životić, in: Slavic Literatures, Vol. 43, Peter Lang, Frankfurt a.M. (2010) and their presentation (2011) at the Janssen-Library in Hamburg